Z-Man Jackhammer ChatterBait

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Z-Man Jack Hammer Custom ChatterBait breaks the mold when it comes to vibrating jigs featuring an innovative head design that features a flat underside. The design of the head helps get the jig in and out of hard places like under docks and around cover. Along with the head shape of the Z-Man Jack Hammer Custom ChatterBait, Z-Man has incorporated a very thin stainless steel blade that vibrates quickly with little effort sending noise and vibration while also helping the bait track side to side like a real bait fish! 

For functionality and performance, the channeled groove along the bottom of the jig head positions the blade low enough to "chatter off the head" as well as a resting place so the blade never drops out of the head. In addition to the head and blade features of the Z-Man Jack Hammer Custom Chatterbait a premium hand-tied skirt as well as Gamakatsu heavy wire hook are also used to give this bait the presentation you have been longing for!

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