Z-Man ChatterBait Jackhammer Stealthblade

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The secret is out, chatterbaits flat out catch fish! However, up until now, there hasn’t been an answer for pressured fished and ultra-clear bodies of water. Enter the Z-Man Chatterbait Jackhammer Stealthblade! The Z-Man Chatterbait Jackhammer Stealthblade features a revolutionary clear polycarbonate blade that offers angler a more subtle approach around spooky fish!

  • Designed with bladed jig specialist Brett Hite
  • Clear polycarbonate blade
  • Patented ChatterBait design with hex-shaped ChatterBlade
  • Fish-shaped head with low center of gravity tracks true and skips easily
  • Dual wire trailer keepers
  • Wire-tied silicone skirting
  • Custom Decoy fluorine-coated hook
  • 1 per pack
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