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Buck It Ready
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This brassica mix has top of the line turnip, rape, and radish seed.  It is a high yielding mix that grows quickly and can offer a leafy treat until the first freeze hits, then it’s party bulb time.  This is a great mix to overseed your corn or beans.

  • Fast growing
  • Scavenges available soil nutrients
  • Cold tolerant
  • Forage and bulbs rich in vitamins and minerals

Mixture Components:

42% Forage Turnip
41% Ripper Radish
17% Browser Rape (Rapeseed)


  • pH: 6.0-7.0
  • Plant up to 1/2″ inch deep
  • August 1st into early fall
  • Drill 5-7 lbs per acre
  • Broadcast 7-9 lbs per acre
  • Soil nutrient scavenger

Planting Season: August 1st into early fall

Soil Type Preference: Heavy or light, well or poorly drained