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Buck It Ready
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Looking for an easy growing fall mix that does not require heavy equipment and works well in semi shaded or hard to get to locations?  This is your “No Till”  fall mix!  This mix consists of clovers, brassicas, chicory and forage oats.  All you need is a rake for removing debris to get the proper seed to soil contact.  Then throw and watch your food plot grow!

  • Fall “Throw & Grow”
  • Very grazing tolerant
  • Fast/easy growing for late summer & fall nutrition
  • Nutritious, attractive, and low maintenance
  • Long Lasting & Cold Tolerant

Mixture Components:

29% Forage Oats
14% Crimson Cover
14% Daikon Radish
14% Rapeseed
10% Ladino Clover
10% Alsike Clover
10% Chicory
5% Forage Collards


  • pH: 6.0-7.0
  • Plant up to ¼” inch deep
  • Summer into Early Fall
  • Drill 11-13 lbs per acre
  • Broadcast 13-15 lbs per acre
  • Clip back as needed

Planting Season: Summer into early Fall

Soil Type Preference: Heavy or light, moderate-well drained