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Buck It Ready
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This is our top of the line clover mix with a dash premium alfalfa. This mix gives the deer all their favorite legumes. It has high levels of protein and great regrowth. The mix grows in a wide range of soils and grows quickly. The perennial clovers and alfalfa will last 3-5 years. Clover Madness is a bang for your trophy buck!

  • Very grazing tolerant
  • Fast/easy growing for early season nutrition
  • Highly nutritious, attractive, and addictive
  • Long Lasting

Mixture Components:

29% Berseem Clover
20% Medium Red Clover
14% Persian Clover
14% Hi-Gest® 360 Alfalfa
12% Ladino Clover
11% Crimson Clover


  • pH: 5.5-7.0
  • Plant up to ¼” inch deep
  • Spring into early summer
  • Drill 12-15 lbs per acre
  • Broadcast 15-18 lbs per acre
  • Clip back recommended at alfalfa/clover full flower

Planting Season: Spring into early summer

Soil Type Preference: Heavy or light, moderate-well drained