Zoom Z Craw Jr.

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The Z Craw Jr. features hook pockets on both the top and bottom for faster and more effective rigging. Made to move plenty of water, the Zoom Z Craw Jr. features forward-facing ribs and two fluttering claws that waver with the slightest resistance, yet are subtle enough to remain believable in extra-cold water. Infused with a tasty dose of salt, the Zoom Z Craw jr. provides universal effectiveness for both large and smallmouth bass.If there was a jack-of-all-trades in the bass plastic world, the Zoom Z Craw Jr. might just be that bait!

Perfect for:

  • Flippin
  • Jig Trailer 
  • Chatterbait addition 
  • Wobble Jig
 Length  Qty Per Pack
 3.5"  8
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