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The new 3" Stealth Invader from X Zone Lures is a finesse-style goby bait that will work throughout the country whether your lake has gobies or not. The bait shape will mimic various types of forage that bass and walleye prey on.

The inverted paddle tail design provides maximum action regardless of speed or movement. By virtue of its design, the paddle will kick at very slow speeds, allowing the angler to tailor their presentation according to the mood of the fish. The special formula works to keep the bait horizontal in the water column for drop shot presentations and works to keep the bait off the lake floor in bottom presentations.

Most Popular Techniques

  • Drop Shot
  • Ned Rig
  • Ballhead Rig
  • Damiki Rig
  • Finesse Jig Trailer
  • 3" in length