Wildlife Research Magnum Scrape Dripper

Wildlife Research
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Turn the tables in your favor this  year with the Wildlife Research Magnum Scrape Dripper. The Magnum Scrape Dripper only drips during daylight hours to condition your deer to get up on their feet during shooting hours and check scraps. Load this dripper with your favorite scent such as scrape blends, estrus and dominate buck urine to let surrounding deer know they should be active. 
  • Drips daytime only, to get bucks to come during daytime hours
  • Can operate up to 2-3 weeks on 4 FL OZ of scent depending on temperature swings
  • Gradually intensifies scent output to get bucks even more riled up
  • Normally shuts down during rain & bad weather, so it saves your valuable scent
  • No batteries required