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The Rapala Jigging Rap is already one of the most affective ice fishing lures on the market for wide variety of freshwater species and when painted with exclusive color patterns, the line of Doc's Custom Jigging Raps become irresistible to even the most leery of fish. These hand-painted custom Rapala Jigging Raps offer the same great live bait darting and diving action as the original Rapala Jigging Rap, but with new color patterns you can only find at TRS!

Present leery fish with never before seen patterns that have been proven to be affective in summertime trolling applications through the ice with Doc's custom Jigging Rapala Raps. If you want the advantage during the ice fishing season, TRS has you covered with these amazing and beautiful hand-painted baits in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

*Due to the custom painting process, custom painted jigging rap finishes, colors and paint patterns may very slightly from images.

 Size  Length  Weight  Hook Size
 2  1-1/4"  1/8 oz  One No. 14
 3  1-1/2"  3/16 oz  One No. 12
 5  2"  5/8 oz  One No. 10
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