Salmo Slick Shad

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The Salmo Slick Shad delivers a big impact in a delicate design. The slender body profile and tail create a subtle action even at the lowest speeds and trigger strikes from finicky fish in clear water. The Slick Shad's belly and back slots allow for Texas rigging or jighead mounting. These slots also allow you to inject scents that will stay on much longer than with traditional soft plastics. The round body is also perfect for standard retrieve and vertical fishing techniques. The Salmo Slick Shad features unique 3-D eyes and UV treatments for exceptional performance.

  • Super soft body with small paddle tail for a subtle action
  • Tail swims even at slow speeds
  • 3D eyes
  • Belly and back slots for texas rigging
  • Cuts current efficiently
  • UV reactive
  • 5 per pack
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