River2Sea Double Plopper

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The River2Sea Double Plopper takes the same idea as the original Whopper Plopper and takes it to the next level! Equipped with two counter rotating plopper blades, the Double Plopper creates twice the disruption to attract fish from even further away. Fish it fast or slow, the double plopper floats and easily maneuvers through weeds, on top of mats, in open water or even twitched through pockets so its also incredibly versatile.

At the business end, the Double Plopper sports a Big Bite 2X strong hook that is razor-sharp and tough as nails. If you are ready to take your top water game to the next level, the River2Sea Double Plopper will not disappoint!

  • Model: 148
  • Length: 5-3/4"
  • Weight 5/8 oz
5/8 oz