Reef Runner Ripshad

Reef Runner
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The Reef Runner Ripshad 200 Series offers enticing action, unique design, and more depth making this rattling shad bait heads and fins above the rest. The Ripshad can be trolled to a depth of 16 feet on 10 lb. test line, also cast and retrieved to 8 feet. If your bait should be knocked “out of tune”, slightly bend the front eyelet to the left if the bait is running right or slightly to the right if the bait is running to the left.

 Body Length

 2 - 1/4"

 Bill Length

 1 - 1/8"

 Total Length

 3 - 3/8"


 1/4 oz

 Max Diving Depth


 Hook Size


*Images may very slightly from actual baits