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The Reaction Innovations Vixen is back! One of the most dominant topwater walking baits to ever hit the market. Constructed from a special formulation of plastic that is harder and more resonant, the Vixen is extremely loud on the retrieve. Incredibly easy to walk, its side-to-side action is more subtle than a big bait so it's not too much for calm water, but it can still attract attention even if there's a little chop.

The finishes and attention to detail are also incredible like all Reaction Innovation lures. Deep, holographic eyes are recessed into the head, so they will not get knocked off by fish, sticks, or accidental rock, and even the gills are extremely realistic. Not just a red stripe painted in the throat area, they are molded into the lure with ridges that look exactly like real gills. Armed with three super-sharp trebles, the Reaction Innovations Vixen has been a long-time favorite among tournament anglers, and now that this once hard-to-find lure is back, it's anyone's game.

Length Weight Class
4.75" 3/4 oz Topwater