Rapala Slab Rap

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Once you tie on the Rapala Slab Rap, we are sure that this searching bait will instantly become your new go-to! Quick rod snaps sends the Slab Rap erratically on a mission to attract fish with it's circling, vibrating and falling motion. On the pause, the Slab Rap seductively finds it's way back toward the center of the hole. This rap also features a weight forward design that enables a rocking action for triggering negative fish!

  • Minnow profile center line
  • Cast or drop to variable depths
  • Multi-species gamefish 
  • VMC black nickel round bend hooks 
 Size  Running Depth  Weight  Treble Hooks
 1-1/2"  Variable   1/8 oz.  Two No. 12
 2"  Variable   1/4 oz.  Two No. 12
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