Rapala Crush City Mayor

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To lead CrushCity, you need to be dependable, adaptable and fearless, which is why the The Mayor is the perfect candidate to crush big bass. The Mayor is a swimbait you can leave tied on all season long to handle almost any situation on any body of water. Belly and top hook slots help in rigging the bait straight and top hook slot helps to hide hook point. Paddle tail soft tail provides instant kicking action at the slowest retrieve speeds and in the coldest of waters. Smart injection technology combines custom combinations of color, flake, salt, and scent that are added precisely where needed for the perfect presentation.

  • Subtle kicking action
  • Rigs perfectly on a swimbait jig head, belly-weighted swimbait hook or as a Trailer
  • Smart Injection Technology
Body Length Pack
3" 8
4" 6