Omega Custom Tackle Alpha Shad Buzzbait

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The ALPHA Shad by OMEGA Custom Tackle is "Ready To Rock!" The ALPHA Shad features premium components and is loaded with features that make it a "Must have" bait for those who love to pursue Big Bass with a Buzz Bait!The ALPHA Shad's blades allow for an ultra slow retrieve and with each rotation the blades click together to perfectly mimic the sound of baitfish on the waters surface. The ALPHA Blades put out a tremendous wake, create a bubble trail, and spit water to draw Bass to the surface. The nose cone in front of the blades helps deflect grass and other cover from tangling in the blades. The Z bend wire allows the ALPHA Shad to ride deeper in the water for a more natural presentation and high percentage hook ups! The ALPHA Shad's aerodynamic head quickly plains to the surface, and the APLHA Shad comes equipped with a long shank, razor sharp Gamakatsu hook. The ALPHA Shad features a hand tied Pro Tail skirt that pulsates in the water and acts as a trailer. The ALPHA Shad has proven itself to be deadly on giant bass!


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1/4 oz
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