Okuma Dead Eye Pro Telescopic Trolling Rod

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The Okuma Deadeye Pro Series rods were designed with the latest technology and insight from leading walleye tournament anglers from around the Midwest. The backbone of the Deadeye Pro family is the technique specific actions designed to keep you in the game. The jigging rods feature ultra responsive 30-ton graphite while the bottom bouncing rods feature more forgiving 24-ton graphite.

The component system of the Deadeye Pro series utilize premium Sea Guide XO-316 stainless steel angled guide frames to reduce line twist, zirconium inserts for braided line use as well as a specialized stainless steel guide tip to prevent inserts from popping out. All Deadeye Pro rods have a cork split grip or cork full grip configuration. They also have a custom pipe reel seat with cork inlay.

 Line   Weight   (lb)  Lure   Weight  Number of   Guides  Sections  Rear Grip  Length  Power  Taper
 6-20  1/2-3 oz  9 + TIP  1-TELE  12"  7' 10"  M  MF
 10-20   1/2-4 oz  9 + TIP  1-TELE  12"  8' 6"   M  MF