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Moonshine Lure Crawler Harnesses are rigged and ready to fish right out of the package. Crawler harnesses are extremely useful when fishing for walleye. These harnesses allow the worm to stay alive and move around naturally while attracting fish. The design of the worm harness also enables the bait to stay at the ideal depth while seeking out a catch. The deep cut Colorado blade adds a slow thumping vibration when trolled at slow speeds, making nearly impossible for fish to resist. While the Indiana blade smaller in size has a faster vibration and triggers a reactionary strike even if the fish isn’t hungry. Both styles of blades are extremely effective when trolling or drifting for walleye. Crawler harnesses have long since been a great way to catch walleye. Hand painted right here in Northern Michigan these crawler harnesses will make a great addition to any walleye fisherman’s tackle box.

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