Megabass Sonicside

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The Megabass Sonicside crankbait provides unbelievable casting distances we just are not used to seeing from squarebill crankbaits. Aerodynamically designed, the Megabass Sonicside features specialized internal weights to promote deep and long casts. The weights also keep it buried in the water on speedy retrieves allowing you to quickly move the bait through the water without it surfacing.

With circuitboard style bill, the Megabass Sonicside delivers a tight wobble that big bass cannot resist and is the perfect option when fishing heavily pressured bodies of water. Not only does the design of the Megabass Sonicside help it cast further and swim better, it also is magical when it comes to fishing around structure and debris by naturally deflecting off stumps, brush and other obstacles so you can cast where the fish live. Dressed up with tournament proven color schemes and mated with super sharp hooks, the Megabass Sonicside is ready to become your new confidence bait!

  • Lengh: 2.6"
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Diving Depth: 6'
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