Megabass I-Slide 135

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The Megabass I-Slide 135 is very effective straight retrieve swim bait with the ability to cut on a dime with a simple rod twitch. Thoughtfully crafted, the Megabass I-Slide 135 features a lot of technology packed into a very impressive lure package. Special weights and supports can be found throughout the internal design of the body to help produce a very realistic "S" swimming motion in the water. A synthetic weight balancer also helps the bait stay balance and always look like a natural baitfish. If that wasn't enough, the underside of the Megabass I-Slide 135 uses a special channel design with integrated magnets to help keep the hooks in the center of the bait for less snags and better hook-ups! Mate all of the features that make the Megabass I-Slide 135 perform like the real thing with the line of Megabass paint jobs and you have a bait that will catch fish all day long!

  • Length: 5-1/4"
  • Weight: 1-oz.
1 oz