Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait

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The Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait has been developed to target deep water fishing unlike any other bait on the market. Crafted by perhaps some of the best bait makers in the world, the Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbaits is a top-shelf swim bait you cannot go without!

The secret behind the Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait is its incredible life-like profile constructed from a very soft, yet durable plastic airbrushed with very attractive patterns. This bait sits perfectly on the bottom of any lake or river thanks to a low center of gravity that allows it to be worked with precision around structure to target hiding giants! For added potency, the Dark Sleep also features a paddle tail design to displace water and attract more fish. The body of the Dark Sleeper features two dorsal fins that collapse and conceal a razor sharp hook. The unique fins that conceal the hook also work to deflect cover so your bait stays free from obstruction as well. 

  • 3"
  • 1 per pack
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