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Introducing Mags Custom Rods. Premium rods that were expertly designed through extensive field testing. Choose from 6 different models of Mags Rods each for specific techniques. So you spend less time worrying about what gear to use and more time catching fish.

  • 6' 8" Medium Fast Action: This rod is ideal for vertical jigging.
  • 6' 10" Medium Extra Fast Action: This rod is designed for lighter, finesse baits.
  • 7' 0" Light: Perfect for those cold water bites.
  • 7' 2" Medium Light Fast Action: This rod is perfect for working stick baits and hair jigs.
  • 7' 2" Medium Fast Acton: Into fishing Rippin Raps? This is the rod for you!
  • 7' 6" Medium Light Fast Action: Ideal for Hair Jigs.