Lindy Rigger Kit

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One of walleye anglers' biggest challenges is keeping Lindy Rigs and other snells tangle-free and convenient. The Lindy Rigger is the solution. The Lindy Rigger keeps rigs and snells of any length separated, secure, and handy. Manufactured out of high-density foam, anglers simply wrap the snell around the Rigger and secure the hook. The Rigger can then be tossed into a tackle box or the boat, making rigging or re-rigging quick and painless.

Lindy Rigger Kit includes:

  • 3 - Lindy Rigger snell keepers
  • 1 - Lindy Rigger kit case 

Key features:

  • 12 slits in each rigger keep the line anchored in place
  • Multiple divisions keep snells separate and tangle-free
  • Provides quick and easy storage of snells, rigs, and harnesses
  • Lindy Riggers float!