Limited Edition TRS Custom Rippin Raps

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Throw something they have never seen before with the Limited Edition - TRS Custom Rippin Raps! These baits feature one-of-a-kind designs to trigger those heart-stopping strikes. Printed on the tried and true design, the lipless, deep belly profile is great for cranking, swimming, and ripping. With its skinny sides, this bait flutters on the drop. A hard vibrating action on fast or slow retrieves is present with loud, distinctive rattling. Textured scales, gills, and deep-set 3D holographic eyes make this bait stand out. Super easy to fish, the Custom Rippin Raps are perfect for pulling over or through grass, bouncing off timber, and ripping through rocks. Long-casting with variable running depths, this one is just right for clear water where the look is key or for stained dark water where just the right sound is essential. Fast piercing VMC black nickel hooks seal the deal.

  • Tall, skinny body shape
  • Distinctive loud BB rattle system
  • Lipless design
  • Hard vibrating action 
  • Long-casting 
  • VMC black nickel hooks
  • Textured scaled body
 Size  Running Depth  Body Length  Weight  Treble Hooks
 5  Variable  2"  5/16 oz.  No. 8 & No. 10
 6  Variable  2-1-2"  1/2 oz.  No. 6 & No. 8
 7  Variable  2-3/4"  7/8 oz.  No. 4 & No. 6
Custom Painted


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    Posted by DOUG BURKHEAD on Apr 1st 2022

    excellent color and design