Kender's K-Rip Mini Vibe Bait

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The Kender Outdoors K-Rip brings to the ice fishing market the popular lipless crank bait design in a scaled down package that is sure to heat up your ice fishing season! These masterful little baits feature internal rattle beads that help fish located them as well as trigger bites! Each K-Rip also features your choice of hook style where you can interchange a single or a treble hook. Fish the K-Rip finesse style or aggressively through the ice or in the summer months!

  • Equipped with Rattle Beads
  • Fish with live bait or plastics
  • Can be fished aggressive or finessed
  • Realistic eyes
  • Includes Treble hook and single inline hook options (2 hooks included)
  • 15mm (1/2in) | 1/64th oz | #16 Hook
  • 19mm (3/4in) | 1/32nd oz | #14 Hook
  • 25mm (1in) | 1/16th oz | #12 Hook
 Length  Weight  Hook Size
 1/2 in  1/64 oz.  #16
 3/4 in  1/32 oz.  #14
 1 in  1/16 oz.  #12
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