Keitech Easy Shiner

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It’s no secret that Keitech swim baits are the real deal, and that point is proven once again with the Keitech Easy Shiner! Similar to the popular Swing Fat, the Easy Shiner features a smooth surface that mimics a minnow perfectly. The super soft pour of this bait mean incredible realism from the moment it hits the water to the last crank sending the tail instantly kicking. Incredibly affective as a trailer or paired with a jig, the Keitech Easy Shiner is a must for any fresh water angler. Available in a wide variety of colors, no matter the species, time of year or part of the country, the Keitech Easy Shiner is a no brainer!

Length Per Pack
2" 12
3" 10
3.5" 7
4" 7
4.5" 6
5" 5
8" 2
Paddle-Tail Minnows