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The Hog Farmer Harvester Rig boasts a multi-tiered presentation that delivers a noticeable profile, brilliant flash, and crushing strikes. Designed with innovative, two-layered construction, the HogFarmer Harvester Rig features two durable hand-painted heads and 7-wires that generate an extra-robust profile.

Built entirely from premium-grade components, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig is fitted with quality clevises, 80lb swivels, and super-bright willow blades, which create the illusion of a glimmering bait ball. Outfitted with a tough-as-nails camo wire, the Hog Farmer Harvester Rig delivers increased strength that stands up to hard strikes and multiple big fish. Innovative and well-designed, the HogFarmer Harvester Rig provides a shimmering, multi-layered presentation that baitfish-hungry bass will love.

  • 3 hook harvester
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