HODAG HempScent Rope System

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Hunters understand the value and power of scent when it comes to deer communication. Using the HODAG HempScent Rope System allows you to create an extremely effective deer communication hub exactly where you want it.

Hang the HempScent Rope over a mock scrape, apply the All Season scent to create initial interaction, and jumpstart an extremely effective way to put deer in-front of your camera or stand. Bundle includes 6 feet of the highest quality 3/4 inch diameter hemp rope available. Cut the rope to the desired length for your specific setup. Attatch a zip tie, piece of tape, or baylor twine 5 to 6 inches up the rope, leaving a stretch to unravel and fray at the bottom. Apply AllSeason Scent liberally to stimulate physical interaction, which begins the scent marking process. Don't be afraid to experiment, and get creative with your setups. There is no wrong way to do it, the deer will tell you what they prefer best.

  • Includes 6 ft of HempScent Rope
  • 8 oz. AllSeason Scent w/ applicator cap