Googan Squad Juicee Jig

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The Googan Squad Juicee Jig is a skirted arkie style flipping jig which means it can be flipped around wood, skipped under docks, and easily fished through the grass. It also lets you cast weedlines and grass which add to this jigs versatility. From hook point to line tie, the Googan Squad Juicee Jig is designed to help you increase hook-up percentage, decrease snags, and bring in big fat bass. A U-shaped light weed guard and thinner hook gauge help you connect with fish on longer hooksets. 

  • Flat bottom allows for skipping
  • Hand tied skirt
  • Double wire trailer keeper
  • Mustad hook
  • Weight size printed on jighead
  • Hook size: 5/0
1/2 oz
Skirted Bass Jigs