Frabill Titanium Spring Bobber

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Frabill's high-performance Titanium Spring Bobber is the finest spring bobber on the market, offering unmatched durability; beautiful flexibility with total kink and bend elimination; virtual weightlessness; and superior transmission of everything from bluegill kisses to the cough of a crappie. Not only is Frabill's fine wire "bit-probe" constructed with hi-tech titanium, its no-bend/ no-kink qualities allow for worry free storage of ice rods; they emerge from the rod locker arrow straight and as nerve-ending sensitive as before.

  • Titanium wire will not kink
  • Unmatched durability for worry-free storage
  • Fits onto any existing combo
  • Adjustable design for different jig weights
  • High-visibility bead for easy bite recognition
  • Extremely lightweight design won't dampen rod tip action
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