Eagle Claw Trokar Lazer MagWorm Hook

Eagle Claw
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The Eagle Claw Trokar EWG Worm Hooks feature a patented three-sided surgically sharpened hook that makes them twice as sharp as any other hook on the market. This unique design penetrates with half the pressure of a standard hook to help put more fish in the net! The unique process of hook-making is called Trokar's Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). This patent-pending process precisely grinds the three sides of the hook point using a high-speed, computerized grinder designed for surgical needles. Lazer Trokar also determined the precise angle of the Low-Profile Barb using highly specific geometric calculations to provide easier penetration and the ultimate in holding power.

The wire used to create the shank of the hook is created using a special tempering process that brings out the maximum strength potential of the high-carbon steel Q741 wire. This allows for superior strength and just the right amount of bend to fight monster fish and avoid hooks braking. The bend in the shank also allows for a wide variety of popular rigging applications to be paired with your favorite plastics!

  • 5 per pack
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