Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Tactical Bassin Swimbait Head

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The Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Tactical Bassin Swimbait Head may just be one of the best swim bait jig heads on the market. This swim bait jig head is loaded with features other do not, including painstaking attention to detail such as a realistic paint jobs, textured gill plates and life-like eyes. In addition to the overall look and streamlined shape of the Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Tactical Bassin Swimbait Head, functionality is also highly emphasized. A molded collar is found directly behind the jig head that keeps your plastic tails or skirt firmly in place. In addition, this jig head also features a soft-bait plastic keeper as well giving you the option for a skirt and trailer presentation. Last but not least, the razor sharp, premium, hook finishes things off to allow for effortless hook sets providing the right amount of strength for intense fights along with the "give" to free your bait if you would get snagged up!

  • Works great as a stand-alone jig with soft-plastics and skirts
  • Works great for umbrella rigs
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