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Walleye Candy
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The Walleye Candy Spoons come in 3.25" length that are sure to quickly take over your tackle box! These spoons have been specifically created with proven color patterns that catch fish. Each spoon is offered in either a gold or copper back and features a "hex" or dimpled pattern. What the hex pattern does is adds a lot more depth to the lineup of Walleye Candy spoons that really makes the UV tapes and colors put off so much more shine and reflection to attract fish in from great distances. Being made from such a thin material, the Walleye Candy spoons produce a very seductive "fluttering action" that walleye cannot resist. The design and thickness of the spoon also mean you can run these spoons across the entire speed spectrum and expect results trolling from as slow as 1.7 mph to as fast as 3.0 mph.

  • Copper Blank
  • 3.25"
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