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The Church Tackle Stern Planer allows you to easily set lure depth at any distance from the boat easily! Perfect for fishing in congested areas and along contour lines, drop-offs, reef edges and weed lines. The stern planner is also great for fishing in prop wash which moves disoriented bait-fish, sediment and bugs around too attract fish.

  • 1 per pack
  • Great for lake, river and ocean fishing
  • Can also take memory out of mono line that has been spooled a long time on a reel
  • Allows you to cover more water by staggering out lines
  • Produces slight drag so you can still feel the action of the lure
  • Easy to clip
  • 10-1/4" long, 3 oz.
  • Works for walleye, pike, musky, salmon and panfish 
  • Fresh or saltwater applications 
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