Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Gill

Catch Co.
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The Catch Co. Mike Bucca Baby Bull Gill works exceptionally well in places where bigger fish feed on panfish, shad, or small bass. These spots can be a creek, pond, river, or reservoir. A smooth and steady wind allows the bait to swim 2-5 feet below the surface as it sways and ungulates freely, creating an 'S' motion. If you burn the Bull Gill in using a fast retrieve, the swaying swimming motion tightens up, and the bait rises to the surface. Now you're mimicking a distressed baitfish near the surface. 

No need for specialized swimbait rods with this downsized gem, the Baby Bull Gill works on medium to medium-heavy casting and spinning rods.  

  • ABS plastic 
  • Multi jointed
  • Swims 2-5 feet below the surface


 Length  Weight
 3.75"  3/4 oz.
3/4 oz