Berkley SlobberKnocker

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Built to outperform any other bladed jig, the Berkley Slobberknocker combines innovative design and proven Berkley features in one fish-catching package. The Slobberknocker packs a punch where it matters most to fish. The through-head design features a durable dowel-eliminating blade break-off. Additionally, the Slobberknocker excels at barreling through vegetation and traversing wood or other forms of hard structure. Topped off with a hand-tied PowerBait flavored skirt and a Fusion19 hook, just what anglers need in a bladed jig.

  • Durable through head blade design
  • Hard knocking sound
  • Amplified rolling action
  • Hand-tied PowerBait silicone skirt
  • Stout, needlepoint Fusion19 hook
  • Talon-style keeper locks trailer in place
  • Printed weight for easy identification and selection