Beast Coast O.W. Sniper Jig

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The Beast Coast Tungsten Compound O.W. Sniper Football Jig (Open Water) is ready to wreak havoc on pressured, clear-water fish. Insight from Travis Manson - smallmouth afficionado, guide, and media owner at Smallmouth Crush, was taken into account in the construction of this jig. He eliminated the weedguard which is not necessary around rocky bottom with minimal grass, and fitted it with a sticky sharp BKK 2/0 Needlepoint. Tungsten Compound material is lead-free, harder than lead, but just soft enough to be pulled free from rock snags. Molded size stamp for easy identification, hand-tied short cut skirts, and a ribbed, double-barb keeper will lock trailers in place.

  • Sticky sharp BKK 2/0 needlepoint hook
  • Double-barb keeper
  • Hand-tied short cut skirts
  • Molded weight idtentifier
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