Bass Mafia Daingerous Swimbait

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Bass Mafia is proud to bring you the next evolution of the freshwater swimbait, exclusively designed in conjunction with professional angler, Chris Zaldain. The all-new Daingerous swimbait wreaks havoc on big bass cruising open water, especially around isolated targets, and boasts a perfectly realistic body for natural swimming action. The custom body and paddle-tail design combined with the most convincing hand-painted colors drive big bass to strike with urgency. You can rig the body using standard or weighted hooks to target specific water columns depending on the scenario while the split dorsal design gives you the ability to add a stinger hook and improve hook-up ratios. No matter how you swim this rig, the results are sure to be Daingerous. 

  • Natural fish anatomy for realistic swimming action
  • Flattened under-belly for stability and reduced rolling during the retrieve
  • Custom paddle-tail entices reaction strikes and maximizes water displacement
  • Dual hook slots for multiple rigging options
  • The split dorsal fin design allows the addition of a stinger hook
  • Forward-looking holographic eyeball for enticing strikes from all directions