Automatic Fisherman Combo

Automatic Fisherman
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Set it correctly and you should never have to chase flags again. Refined for over 20 years, the Automatic Fisherman® Combo will improve your ability to catch fish, because the fish trigger the hookset when they're ready. You don't need to know when to set the hook anymore, the rod does it for you. It consists of a rectangular base with 2 small raised tabs fastened to a vertical trigger arm. The rectangular base has notches at the bottom, so it can grip the ice and stop the unit from tipping on its side in windy conditions. A hollow tube at the base acts as a rod holder, with a support structure to give it extra strength for those really big fish.


  • Includes a rod, a reel with a spare spool, an adjusting tool, and 2 booklets
  • Balsa wood slip bobber included
  • A ruler is embossed on the side of the base
  • Also includes tape to use as a rod flag